product demo videos

Berkelmans Welding Product Demo Video

This product demo video was shot using two Canon HD  cameras and one GoPro HD cam slapped on the pickup truck. We hired local talent for the voice-over. Check out the video below. [button size="normal" type="gold" link="" target="none" align="none"]Interested in a product video for your business?...

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Spud’s Finest Product Launch Video

Spud's Finest Webmercial. We heard some juice about Barrie's Asparagus Farm & Country Market launching a Kettle Chip at a quaint little pub called the Woolwich Arrow downtown Guelph, Ontario.  Hmmmm,  what's a rural video production company to do with a an opportunity like this?  We...

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Product Demo Video for HBI

Rockin' the rails with the Hydrema M1600 and Baumalight Brushcutter.  H. Broer Equipment called us to tell us that Mr. Trillium was riding the rails testing out his new rail toy and Marcel wanted some cool footage of it. We called on our 2 cameramen...

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