Every family has a story.

Every family has a storyteller.

Maybe it’s your grandmother or grandfather, your mom or dad, your aunt or uncle, maybe it’s you!  Don’t you love hearing them tell family stories?

If your ancestors could speak to you today, what stories would they tell? What wisdom would they share?

Keep your treasured family stories alive with a professionally produced family legacy movie.  It’s like a real documentary that is similar to something on the history channel, but it’s about your family!

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Family Heritage videos

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Berkelmans Welding Product Demo Video

This product demo video was shot using two Canon HD  cameras and one GoPro HD cam slapped on the pickup truck. We hired local talent for the voice-over. Check out the video below.

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Non Profit video production for Reddekopp Ministries

Restoring the Land { trailer } highlights 10 years in Ghana, Africa.

In 2003, Jake and Katharine Reddekopp boarded a plane in Canada, holding one-way tickets and owning nothing except what fit in our suitcases. They were on their way to Ghana with very little except faith in the God who was sending them. This 5-minute highlight video, shows the past 10 years of Katharine and Jake’s video library. It will give you a taste of what Reddekopp Ministries is all about.

Non Profit video production for Reddekopp Ministries

edited by: Rick Scott

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Dave + Katlyn Wedding Highlight Video

Wedding highlight video for Dave and Katlyn. We spent the entire day with Dave and Katlyn from the bride and groom getting ready, pre-ceremony guests arriving, wedding ceremony, reception and dance. Two camera operators, 2 HD cameras and 2 HD GoPro cams we mounted to the trees.

The song ‘Written in the Sand’ was written, recorded and sang by Derrick Drover (

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Kate + Justin Wedding

It was a pleasure to be chosen as the videographer for Kate and Justin’s wedding!  We spent the entire day with them.  We had one videographer with the girls in the morning preparing and another with the boys while they were prepping.  Then we rushed to the church and setup.  Followed them and shot the photoshoot session.  Rushed from the photoshoot to the reception.  We snuck inside the limo upon their arrival and got some great footage inside the limo.  What a blast!

This video includes: The best video clips from the ceremony, photography and reception edited to Shannon’s song.

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Spud’s Finest Product Launch Video

Spud’s Finest Webmercial.

We heard some juice about Barrie’s Asparagus Farm & Country Market launching a Kettle Chip at a quaint little pub called the Woolwich Arrow downtown Guelph, Ontario.  Hmmmm,  what’s a rural video production company to do with a an opportunity like this?  We geared up, jumped in the Ford pickup and drove to the city to livestream and capture this epic event! We got some great footage of locally grown Asparagus farmer ‘Tim Barrie’ launching the first ever all Ontario potato Kettle Chip! Named after his mother to boot 

We locked away our senior video editor and creative director and let them loose on this footage.   If you are interested in cross promote companies with the beauty of video contact our team at:  1-226-236-3016.

Thank you to Tim Barrie, your an awesome client and a pleasure to work with!

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Product Demo Video for HBI

Rockin’ the rails with the Hydrema M1600 and Baumalight Brushcutter.  H. Broer Equipment called us to tell us that Mr. Trillium was riding the rails testing out his new rail toy and Marcel wanted some cool footage of it. We called on our 2 cameramen rigged up our GoPro HD cams with 2 other HD cams and locked our editor away for a couple of hours.  Baumalight loved this video!

We had a couple hours notice when we got word that this machine would be in our neck of the woods.  Lingering by the phones waiting the for the call, when our client called we were ready to run the rails to capture this beast in action!We love to work with clients that are driven with a vision. Clients that share ideas and allow us to fly with our creativity! Marcel Broer of H. Broer Equipment is driven with a vision.

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Ben + Shannon Wedding Highlight Video

We were totally blessed and honoured to be a part of one of the greatest love story weddings we have ever experienced. Shannon (the bride) wrote this song and recorded it for her love….Ben. It was truly a beautiful day in every way!

This video includes: The best video clips from the ceremony, photography and reception edited to Shannon’s song.

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